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Privacy policy

Use of personal data
Personal data is collected to enable communication and use of the service. The details can be used for communication between service providers and users as well as for direct communication between users. Some personal data is visible on the user's profile page, but this data is voluntary (except name).

The processing of personal data is not outsourced, but the registry data is stored on a server rented from a third party company.

Informative content of the service

The following information may be recorded by the site:

  • Personal data: name, e-mail address, telephone number, postal address
  • Account details: username, password (stored in encrypted format)
  • Descriptive text that the user can write about himself
  • Offers and requests that the user has posted on the service
  • Returns and badges given and received
  • Statistical data on the use of the service, eg. number of times the user has logged in
  • Regular sources of information
  • Personal data is provided by the user when registering for the service or when using it later.

Regular transmission of information
The information may be transmitted for research purposes as described in the Terms of Service that the user accepts before starting to use the service. Researchers cannot publish any search results so that identifying information is revealed or a specific user can be detected.

Information concerning users of the same Marketplace community of may be transmitted to the client who founded this community or to the community administrators designated by this client.

Transfers of information outside the EU and the European Economic Area
The information may be stored on a server which may be located inside or outside the EU and the European Economic Area

Principles of data protection
The information is stored on computers. Access to information is restricted by passwords and physical access to computers is restricted by the server hosting company.